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It all started with a Facebook post in December of 2014. I was not satisfied with my financial status at the time so being resolute about what I wanted for my future, I declared that I was going to make six figures in the following year. When 2015 rolled around, I started putting things in place to ensure this declaration became a reality. I switched business partners and lead a team of four. However my choice of business partners was not a wise one. When the time came to pay my team and myself, this business partner did the unthinkable and skipped town with mine and my team’s money.

Feeling broken, lost and desperate, I relied on my faith to bring me through. Led by God and determined not to make this unfortunate situation define us, my wife and I teamed up to create Above All Marketing Group, LLC. In the past I had always talked about starting my own business but I never found the courage to do so until I was at my lowest. The name Above All came to us because at that low point we realized that despite our circumstance, God is Above All and we wanted God to be Above All in every single aspect of our business moving forward.

This is why our Above All Marketing Lifestyle Upgrade Programs are such an integral part of our mission. Our passion is people and helping them achieve their goals. Our programs embody perseverance through adversity and maintaining positivity through seemingly negative circumstances. Through these programs we hope to inspire our employees to have a tunnel vision towards their goals, never quit, and follow through until their goals are accomplished.

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