“We meet people where they are but we don’t allow them to stay there”

Above All Marketing Lifestyle Upgrade Programs

We are a top-notch marketing firm. We specialize in lifestyle upgrades such as vehicle assistance programs, credit building programs, housing assistance programs and other lifestyle upgrades that you won’t see offered anywhere else.

We also give our employees a wealth of knowledge and empower them as they climb up the ladder.


Vehicle Assistance

  • Offer vehicles to lease through our company

  • After a 13 week program each individual will qualify to receive a starter vehicle that they will lease through Above All Marketing Group at no cost for a year before owning it (after 1 full calendar year)



  • Offer an all-expense (flight + hotel) paid vacation

  • After a 13 week program each individual will be eligible for a paid vacation anywhere in the United States (or outside the United States after 23 weeks)


Housing Assistance

  • Offer housing to help single individuals who have suffered hardship get back on their feet and become financially stable

  • Help transition these individuals into their own housing after a 13 week program



  • Offer credit education and credit repair financial literacy program

  • Educate on the importance of credit, how to build good credit, how to repair it, how to leverage it to buy property, and how to use it responsibly. Our goal is get all employees to a 700 credit score and above within 2 years

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